Wednesday, January 16, 2008

News from Planet "Duh Really?" 2: Slavery as a Theme Park.

Lol, you heard about this one?

Stirring news from Planet "Duh Really?"
An American couple based in Haiti want to open a park called Memory Village to educate people about slavery (thanks Tricia):

Visitors to Memory Village would decide whether they wanted to be spectators or participants during a twelve-hour day. The latter would receive traditional African clothing and then be mock-kidnapped from their homelands, shackled, chained and forced to march to the slave ship (resting on a real stream), where they’d be piled in as cargo for the crossing of the Atlantic. Once the ship reached the New World, the participants would be brought to market and sold, then broken down in the quarantine and put to work out on the plantation. Near the end of the day, a slave rebellion would start, a rebellion that would eventually lead to the establishment of Haiti.

Mean while back on planet Earth.

Man I got to say this one tickled me silly.

I wonder If I could get a job as a plantation owner?

Thing is I am surprised no one tried this before.

First you can not recreate slavery.

Not the devastated African villages, broken families, torture, rape, murder, loss freedom, the number done on the mind that till this day effects black people world wide.

Nope, can not repeat that Mike Tyson kicking your babies in their baby nuts wont make you feel that pain.

You cant recreate a race war which is basically what happened in Haiti, a royal rumble of colors.

Or the consequences that resulted from a little country standing up to the than Imperial powers, that still effects them today.

So what exactly would whites get out of this I do not know, relief from misplaced guilt about the way they treated the black door man maybe?

But hell, I like a joke like the next man and I have an appreciation for a good huslte when I see one.

If they want to pay for it, and lord knows the brothas and sistas in Haiti could use the cash, than sell it.