Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cowboy Bebop

You the reason I cant stand Christmas because it requires me to do the one thing I hate the most.

Shopping, I hate shopping.

I don not mind buying but I hate shopping.

Whats the difference?

Buying is when you go in a store, go to exactly what your looking for, pay for it, and walk out.

End of story.

Shopping is when you go into the store and look at every single thing in it, and wind up tired, broke and not getting what you wanted in the first place.

Buying 10 min.

Shopping over 2 hours.

During the holidays though there is no buying because that would require you to know excaclty what the person your shopping for wants.

Thus Christmas sucks.

Except this one, this one while looking for others I got what I wanted.

The Complete Cowboy Bebop Remix series.

One of the all time great Animes.

You will find that I have wide range of interests and taste on this blog, anime is one of them.

This series is about a group of rag tag bounty hunter going through space on various adventures earning there credits.

This series is hip now imagine back than.

Great music scores all the episodes, the art work is A+, the story lines are top notch and I got my hands on all of them.

So thank you to the person I was shopping for in the first place for allowing me to spend money meant to go to you on me.

Now If I can get my hand on the complete Samurai Champloo series we good.