Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Product Placement.

The Honda CBR 1000 (1996 only!)

Boys and Girls Ti Papa aka clnmike love sports bikes or as like to call them the Crotch Rockets.
This CBR 1000 1996 was my favorite bike. Now most people in the bike world would say that this bike is very pedestrian, especially by CBR 900cc standards but I like it. CBRs in the 90s tend to be unforgiving in the clutch.
Comfortable ergonomics, effective combined braking system (reviewers have called it heavy but I likes) an unassuminging engine.
Would have to agree that it is meant for the older adults who want to live to ride as opposed to ride or die.

As sports bike go for that year it is a B level bike but the wt and response was to my liking. Bikes that are to light tend to over react with breaking and coming off the line not to mention the streets of Atlanta are almost built for SUVs making riding the streets plus traffic and adventure.

The moment I sold mine I regretted it. In my book it is an A+ bike.