Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Female Super Hero, Ant may come to Anime and live action Film

Well it looks like one of my favorite comic book characters may hit the big time.

Comics 2 Film is reporting that the Black Female character may make her debut as live action on screen and cable TV as an anime.

Check out the link to there website for more info.

I have mixed feelings about it, I have been out of the comic book circle for a while and the last I remember of this title was that it was on Image comics.

Now the creator Mario Gully has set up shop at Big City Comics: , things have changed.

The comic is really an underground hit that was a bit titillating, but the way it is drawn and depicted now if the previous publishing was PG 13 this one is a close NC 17, which has me wondering do we need any more hyper sexualized images of black women. Now this is no Nelly Tip Drill video gone radio active by far but it is not tame either.

There are not enough mainstream representation of black super heroes on paper, TV or big screen let alone of black women to be picky but this one maybe pushing it.

I will be watching warily.